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Modern Warfare 2 Season Two Reloaded launched, and thousands of players returned to Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 to experience all the new content and tweaks the game has. Many players are still learning about all the latest content, but some are already asking this exact question. How to get the Gilded Reaper skin on Modern Warfare 2.

How to Get the Gilded Reaper Skin on Modern Warfare 2

To get the Gilded Reaper skin, players must buy the Bone Chiller Tracer Pack from the Call of Duty store. Players do not need to do any assignments or challenges to unlock this operator skin, so go to the Call of Duty store and buy the Bone Chiller Tracer Pack and get the new Ghost operator skin.

The Bone Chiller Tracer Pack is not available yet in the store, but it is a matter of time until the developers put it in the store. The pack will also feature two weapon blueprints, a new finisher move, a charm, a vinyl, a loading screen, and an emblem. So players will get more than just an operator skin with this pack.

Modern Warfare 2 Season Two Reloaded brought more than a couple of new skins and changes into the game. Season two reloaded brought a new marksman rifle named The Tempus Torrent, which has a twenty-round magazine capable of dispatching many enemies without needing to reload. This new marksman rifle will be a fierce competitor among other rifles.

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Modern Warfare 2 season two reloaded came with many surprise changes to fan-favorite weapons like the RPK, Kastov 762, RAAL MG, and even the VEL 46. All these weapons, besides the VEL 46, received a couple of nerfs regarding the weapons’ damage values and recoil control. The VEL 46 got an increase in close-range damage and a fix regarding the 30-round mag attachment and the improved handling and mobility that came with it.

Most Modern Warfare 2 players were upset about how slow weapon handling and gunfights were, as almost all under-barrel attachments made aiming down-sight speed slower. Many players preferred to use the Sharkfin 90 instead of the Phase-3 grip or the angled grip because the Sharkfin 90 is one of the few grips that does not affect aiming down sight speed.

The developers reduced the ADS penalty of all under-barrel attachments, so if you were hesitant to equip a grip before this update, consider giving them a try right now.

If you are thinking about playing Ranked again, make sure you use the best-ranked classes and secure your future matches.

– This article was updated on March 16th, 2023

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