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At its core, Transport Fever 2 is a fun but formulaic business simulator that doesn’t stray too far from the conventions of the tycoon genre. Fortunately for players who may feel underwhelmed by Transport Fever 2‘s base features, the modding community has produced many impressive mods that can alter the game in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Here’s a list of our picks for the ten best mods in Transport Fever 2.

Top 10 Best Mods For Transport Fever 2

As is usually the case with modding, not all Transport Fever 2 mods are created equal. While every mod made for Transport Fever 2 is designed to fill someone’s needs, some are objectively better than others. However, with the modding community working around the clock to improve their past mods and create new ones, the ten mods listed here could be usurped by better contenders later.


10. Night Mode

Image: YoshiDE’s Workshop

One of the most satisfying elements of the Transport Fever 2 experience is watching the cities connected through your transport systems flourish. Unfortunately, the base game doesn’t feature a day-and-night cycle, denying players who’ve embraced a nocturnal lifestyle the chance to see the cities they’ve served light up at night.

As its name implies, the Night Mode mod allows players to swap the Sun for the Moon. While the mod doesn’t integrate a functional day-and-night cycle into the game, the sight of neon lights shining against the darkness of the night is a welcome change of pace from the sky blues and metropolitan greys that dominate the game’s daytime palette.

9. More Line Colors

Image: LINK’ss Workshop

As you grow your fledging transport service into a transcontinental transportation empire, you’ll find that your various routes might blend in with the scenery. While this isn’t much of an issue in Transport Fever 2‘s more rural areas, densely-packed urban landscapes can force you into a game of Where’s Waldo that will drag your productivity down.

The More Line Colors mod goes a long way in solving this issue by allowing you to mark your routes with more vibrant, stand-out colors. With this mod, finding your routes within the urban sprawl becomes a lot easier, giving you more time to increase your efficiency.

8. Urban Bus Stops

Image: EISFEUER’s Workshop

As you play through Tranport Fever 2, your in-game world will undergo multiple technological evolutions as time passes, opening up more transportation options. However, while more contemporary periods grant you access to planes and other advanced modes of transportation, advances in public transport never seem to improve.

The Urban Bus Stop mod solves this issue by adding modern bus stops into the game. Not only does this go a long way in making your cities feel more realistic and lived-in, but they also create more opportunities to profit off of those making their daily commute from home to work.

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7. Animals Assets

Image: Ingo-111 Workshop

While most of your transit routes will begin and end in cities and towns, they will likely snake through rural areas. Sadly, while these areas are a refreshing departure from Transport Fever 2‘s urban landscapes, the absence of animals makes them feel rather lifeless.

The recently-expanded Animal Asset mod fixes this issue by adding animals into the game. The initial mod only added farm animals like sheep and cows, but the updated version adds more urban-adjusted creatures like dogs, giving your cities and towns a chance to embrace their wild sides.

6. Underground Station

Image: Enzojz’s Workshop

For the most part, Transport Fever 2 allows the player to work with every mode of transportation ever invented, with one notable exception. Subway trains, the go-to form of transit for commuters in most major cities, are surprisingly absent from Transport Fever 2‘s base game.

The Underground Station mod fixes this oversight by implementing functioning subways. With this additional mode of transportation, cities become an even more lucrative environment for your transportation business.

5. Enhanced Train Station Cargo Capacity

Image: xmnovotny’s Workshop

Whether it’s people or goods, transporting cargo by train is one of the main tasks you’ll be performing in Transport Fever 2. One of the biggest obstacles in this endeavor is managing storage space, as train stations can only hold so much cargo.

The Enhanced Train Station Cargo Capacity mod is perfect for players who’ve found themselves with an excess of cargo and a shortage of storage space. Adding additional platforms to train stations, this mod allows you to store and transport more cargo, making it easier than ever to move goods.

4. Natural Town Growth

Image: MrWolfz’s Workshop

For the most part, the growth of cities and towns in Transport Fever 2 happens independently from the player’s actions. Although this leaves you free to craft your transit empire without worrying about city management, it also leads to moments where the growth of civilization forces you to rethink your route placement.

The Natural Town Growth mod implements a system that gives the player more control over how towns and cities grow. While this mod doesn’t turn the game into a city simulator, it does create a greater sense of synergy between your transit systems and the places they serve.

3. Better RCI Colors Mod

Image: Laurent’s Workshop

As your enterprise grows, navigating the world and managing your various transit routes will become more difficult. The Better RCI Colors mod is a better version of the More Line Colors mod, allowing you to change your transit icons to more vibrant and easy-to-find colors.

2. Better Roundabout


No matter how heavily you mod it, Transport Fever 2 will always be a game about building functional transit systems. Trains will be the vehicles you work with the most, but cars and the roads they ride on will also be important.

The Better Roundabout mod expands your ability to build roads by allowing you to create curved roads. This opens up countless opportunities to build roads that take advantage of the landscape, including the titular roundabout.

1. Industry Expanded

Image: Col0Korn’s Workshop

Whether it’s by train, plane, or automobile, moving cargo is the key to success in Transport Fever 2. The Industry Expanded mod gives you even more forms of cargo to work with. From various types of meat to multiple forms of ore, this mod gives you more goods to deliver and more ways to make money.

– This article was updated on March 18th, 2023

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