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Halo Infinite is the latest installment in Xbox Game Studios’ flagship franchise, made with love for the series and a large amount of content. Despite this, the period following its initial release was a rocky one, with broken promises surrounding split-screen co-op and a sparse offering of multiplayer content. However, Season 3 of Halo Infinite has been a fun one so far, with new maps, guns, and even some easter eggs such as those found on the Cliffhanger map.

Best Easter Eggs Found on Cliffhanger Map in Halo Infinite Season 3 (So Far)

Some of the best easter eggs that you can find in the Cliffhanger multiplayer map for Halo Infinite are interesting ones, alluded to by the developers. Some are quirky, some stay consistent across several maps, and some are downright odd. But that’s the fun of easter eggs, they are meant to be discovered and have a bizarre story behind them. Our job here is to discover them first and ask questions later. With that in mind, these are the most interesting, or thought-provoking (weird) easter eggs we’ve found so far:

All Hail the Return of the Sandwich

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West of the giant tower in the Tanks location of the map, near the Enclave entrance, there is a small set of steps you can ascend to reach a cliff with a sleeping bag. Next to the pillow, beneath a jacket peeks a familiar sandwich, fully intact and ready to eat. Sadly, such food is not typical of the Spartan diet, and especially considering the similarities between this one and the giant one found on Zeta Halo, it’s fair to suspect it’s a Forerunner trap.

Halo Infinite stunned players with the discovery of its massive sandwich easter egg in the campaign. However, the sandwiches can also be discovered in the new maps like Cliffhanger for Season 3. Other, stranger, or even just confusing easter eggs can also be found.

Master Chief, Do You Mind Telling Me What You’re Doing As a Pigeon?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you turn to the right from the sandwich easter egg, you’ll see perhaps Chief’s most incredible skin yet, but it remains to be seen whether it’ll make it beyond pixel form in Halo Infinite. But maybe it’s not a bird at all, but rather a Moa, a birdlike species found in the Halo franchise? Should we be concerned for the Chief?

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But aside from this, note the position of Chief Pigeon, looking straight to the east, toward the giant tower. Maybe there’s more that this map is hiding from you than you realize.

Somebody Surely Will Benefit from This

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Look to the east from the pixel Chief. Staring at the massive tower, look up. We suggest arming yourself with a scoped weapon like the Sniper Rifle, Skewer, or anything you can zoom in with. Is that an odd shape at the very top?

Make your way south to the Antenna area and stand atop the tallest cliff and look once more. You’ll make out the shape of a weathervane, rooster shape, and all. This’ll be a great way to remind people of the wind direction and is an ordinary ornament atop tall buildings, as well as being essential for weather stations. But something tells us the rooster shape was added just for fun.

Taking in the View

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

One of the most bemusing, odd easter eggs, if you can call it, is the bizarre placement of a folding chair staring seemingly into nothingness. The positioning of it is odd, too, because there’s a gorgeous view of the land below with thunderclouds above, zapping spires in the distance. But this chair is positioned in a way that screams something about what this person must be staring at. Even as you stare in the distance ahead to see whatever it’s pointed at, you’re unsure. But that shape formed into the mountains…

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Is that you, Craig? Has the beloved meme-worthy brute been etched into the mountainside? Or are we going crazy? Is this something the devs intended at all? If not, what’s the chair pointed at?

Halo Infinite’s Cliffhanger map has many fun features, with plenty of vantage points and hiding spots, aside from the fun easter eggs. While they’re not as grandiose as those found in the campaign, it’s fun finding these and trying to decipher their meaning, but stay sharp, Spartan. You’re here to fight first, take in the scenery later.

– This article was updated on March 13th, 2023

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