Lucille Croft stunned the masses with her Patient X EP last year, presenting listeners with a multi-faceted, audiovisual project that left us all in anticipation of what comes next.

Enter The Valentine Effect, yet another complex, conceptual creation from Croft that is designed to leave people with the feeling that life may not be exactly as it seems. Out now by way of Bad Wolf HQ, Croft describes her newest work as “a psychological experience that listeners can interpret in their own way.” The four-track EP is a no holds barred, in your face production that won’t give you a moment’s respite from the moment you press play. “You’re Experiencing It” sets the tone early, with Croft’s monologue making it clear that you’re stepping into her world of imagination and chaos. “Bury Me In Leather” takes things down a notch by way of a seductive, downtempo bass line before giving way to a D&B-tinged drop and breakdown. “Taste of Violence” spares no prisoners, making use of spine-tingling electro elements and setting the stage for the grand finale. “Embrace Chaos” is the grand finale and the rightful closer to The Valentine Effect: simultaneously aggressive and enticing.

Always looking to expand her capabilities as an artist, Croft’s newest undertaking takes listener’s on a wild, unpredictable ride, evoking the full spectrum of emotions humanly possible: anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, trust, and elation. What’re you waiting for? Dive in below.

LISTEN: Lucille Croft Unveils Conceptual EP ‘The Valentine Effect’

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