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Seer in Apex Legends is a legend that has been buffed, nerfed, and everything in between. Recently, Seer has been considered one of the best and most overpowered legends in Apex Legends. But, now that Season 16 is here, is Seer still overpowered or are other legends just as competitive?

Apex Legends Season 16: All Seer Nerfs

In the Apex Legends Season 16 patch notes, Seer got several nerfs which were made to ultimately make him less powerful. The nerfs Seer got were to his Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate.

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Seer’s Passive Heartbeat Sensor got nerfs so that the heartbeat audio is more audible to enemies, the activation is now slightly delayed, and the yellow ring that appears on targets is harder to see.

Seer’s Tactical Focus of Attention no longer shows full body scans of scanned targets, but still does everything else like cancel heals and revives and shows where players are and their health.

Seer’s Ultimate Exhibit no longer reveals enemies immediately, lasts for 25 seconds instead of 30, and has an increased cooldown of 180 instead of 120.

Apex Legends Season 16: Seer’s Pick Rate

According to, Seer’s pick rate is at 2.1%. This should be a good indication of where Seer is at popularity-wise: Wattson has a higher pick rate at 2.2%.

Wraith has the highest pick rate at 11.6% and Newcastle has the lowest pick rate at 1.3%. However, the pick rates of all the legends aren’t a good indicator of which legends are good or bad. For example, Rampart is at 1.3% and she is an insanely good legend in the right hands and Octane is at 10.9% and he is just fine (sorry Octane fans).

Is Seer Overpowered in Apex Legends Season 16?

The nerfs to Seer are big when combined together, but individually, they aren’t enough to dethrone Seer as an overpowered legend. Though he isn’t as popular of a legend because there are more fun legends to play, including Bloodhound, Seer is still extremely powerful.

Honestly, Seer is still overpowered because his abilities are still just as good, just not as quick or long-lasting. Being able to tell if enemies are around with the Passive, canceling heals with the Tactical, and knowing where everyone is in a specific area are all incredibly useful skills.

– This article was updated on March 8th, 2023

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