SHINee vocalist Onew has released the music video for ‘O (Circle)’, the lead single of his new album ‘Circle’.

Today (March 6), the SHINee singer unveiled the music video for ‘O (Circle)’, the title track of his first studio album of the same name which released as the same time. The new visual features Onew through the different seasons as he performs atop a simple stage set.

The eternal cycle around the sun, the wind, the clouds, the rain and the sea / Between spring, summer, fall and winter / All the greetings and the farewells have been the same / On those waves, we drift together,” he sings in the chorus.

In addition to the title track, ‘Circle’ has nine B-side tracks including ‘Caramel’, which is a collaboration with Korean rapper Giriboy. Other tracks include ‘Cough’, ‘Rain On Me’ and ‘No Parachute’, among others.

The new record arrives just under a year after Onew released his sophomore mini-album ‘Dice’, which was led by the single of the same name. In a five-star review of the record, NME’s Tássia Assis wrote: “By taking a chance and trusting his own experience, Onew allows himself to shine in all his multifaceted glory.”

Onew first debuted in 2008 as a vocalist of SHINee, who went on to release hits like ‘Ring Ding Dong’, ‘Sherlock’ and ‘View’, among many others. In 2018, prior to enlisting for his mandatory military service, Onew released his debut mini-album ‘Voice’, which included the single ‘Blue’.

Following his discharge in 2020, he returned to promotional activities with SHINee, releasing their seventh studio album ‘Don’t Call Me’ and its repackaged version, ‘Atlantis’ in 2021. The latter is their most recent music to date, as youngest member Taemin began his military service shortly after its release.

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