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Sons of the Forest gives players the ability to wield a wide array of melee weapons, many of which are sure to turn you into an unstoppable force. But what are the game’s best melee weapons?

The Best Melee Weapons to use in Sons of the Forest

Currently, the game features an arsenal of 11 available melee weapons, with a select few being capable of truly excelling, while others can be called underwhelming, to say the least. With that said, here are a few weapons sure to excel while you venture through the many dangers and nightmares featured in Sons of the Forest.

Stun Baton

To start off, we have the Stun Baton. The Baton is a truly welcome addition to any arsenal given its ability to stun enemies after a charged attack and its blocking capacity, but the fact that in order to use it you will need to spend batteries really makes the weapon a niche pick after you pass the early-mid stages pf the game.

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Firefighter Axe

A weapon capable of both dealing massive damage and allowing you to effectively block even the hardest hits, the Firefighter Axe is a weapon sure to allow you to excel in 1-on-1 scenarios where being able effectively block your opponent’s advances is a must. On the downside, the weapon is slow, making it a poor choice when facing multiple enemies.

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A great alternative to the Katana, the machete is a weapon capable of dealing high amounts of slashing damage at high speeds.

Overall, the Machete is a weapon capable of helping you no matter the stage of the game you currently are in or which enemies you are facing, all while being especially useful against more nimble targets, such as Twins and Fingers.

Modern Axe

A great update over the Tactical Axe, the Modern Axe features the perfect blend between the speed of the starter axe and the raw power of the Firefighter Axe, although the latter will still do significantly more damage but at a much lower speed. The axe is also great for blocking, making it a perfect weapon for any kind of scenario.

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Undoubtedly the game’s best weapon, the Katana is capable of dealing massive damage at fast speeds. The weapon’s ability to also easily dismember enemies also makes it the best in slot against hordes and when performing hit-and-run techniques.

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– This article was updated on March 5th, 2023


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