Destiny 2 Lightfall has brought many changes to Buildcrafting including new mods. No, not the mods that make your broomstick Thomas the Train; mods in Destiny 2 make your builds more unique and effective. There are many mods in Destiny 2, so let’s get to it.

Best Mods in Destiny 2 Lightfall Ranked, Worst to Best

Even though they took away a lot of great mod options, there are a lot of mods in Destiny 2 Lightfall which means there are many options to choose from. With the right mods, you can build things like the infinite Strand Grapple.

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Two things: there are no bad mods in Destiny 2 and almost every mod is available to you at the start of the game. With that in mind, what are the least effective mods and what are the essential mods?

Worst Mods in Destiny 2 Lightfall

  • Special/Heavy Ammo Scout – Helmet Armor Mod
  • Radiant Light – Helmet Armor Mod
  • Powerful Friends – Helmet Armor Mod
  • Shield Break Charge – Arms Armor Mod
  • Lucent Blades – Chest Armor Mod

In general, the worst mods in Destiny 2 Lightfall are the mods that grant bonuses to your nearby Guardians. Unless you are preparing for a Raid or Dungeon or only play with friends, your build should not have Special/Heavy Ammo Scout, Radiant Light, or Powerful Friends. I don’t mean to be selfish, but Destiny 2 primarily has solo players.

Shield Break Charge also makes the list for being a not-so-good mod because it costs four energy and requires you to break a combatant’s shield with a matching damage type to gain an Armor Charge. There are much better ways to gain Armor Charge, so don’t bother with Shield Break Charge.

Lastly, Lucent Blades is bad because it improves Swords and Glaives which are some of the least used weapons in Destiny 2. If you love using Swords and Glaives, go for it, but in our opinion, it is a waste of two energy.

Best Mods in Destiny 2 Lightfall

  • General Armor Mods – Helmet/Arms/Chest/Legs/Class Armor Mod
  • Yellow Mods – Arms/Chest/Class Armor Mod
  • Blue Mods – Helmet/Arms/Chest/Legs/Class Armor Mod
  • Time Dilation – Class Armor Mod
  • Charged Up – Chest Armor Mod

Of course, the best mods you can select in Destiny 2 Lightfall remain the general mods. The mods you select in the first slot on the left are general mods that will improve your stats. Depending on the build you are going for, you +5 or +10 to any stat by equipping a specific general mod.

The next best mods in Destiny 2 are the yellow mods. These yellow mods can be found in the Arms, Chest, and Class Armor slots. These mods generally grant you ability energy after you use your abilities and only get better when paired with Armor Charge mods. A clear standout is Grenade Kickstart.

Speaking of Armor Charge, you’ll need to equip blue mods to gain Armor Charge. These specific blue mods also add a bonus to a specific stat as long as you have Armor Charge. The more Armor Charge you have, the more successful your yellow mods are.

Time Dilation is an excellent mod to have if you are leaning into Armor Charge. This mod makes your Armor Charge decay a lot slower which means you’ll have a boost to your stats for longer and have a bigger window of opportunity to activate your yellow mods.

Lastly, Charged Up is a great mod because the only synergistic mod builds you can make so far in Lightfall is Armor Charge builds. Charged Up increases the maximum number of Armor Charge you can carry by one. It’s not amazing, but it’s definitely helpful.

– This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023


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