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When it comes to souls-like games, you want to have as many healing items on hand when you inevitably take fatal damage. You never want to engage your next target with anything below 70% health; that’s just a disaster waiting to happen! So, in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you start off with 3 heals, or Dragon Cure Pot, so how do you increase your capacity for them?

How to Increase Dragon Cure Pot Capacity in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

To obtain more, you’ll have to find an item called a Dragon Vein Crystal. Upon using it, they will permanently increase the number of uses you have for them by 1. It’ll become more useful especially as levels become longer, get more complex, and throw tougher enemies at you. 

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It’s highly encouraged to thoroughly go through each level so you can find these items. Don’t worry about missing them as you can revisit levels upon completion. Items will spawn in the same locations, but with important ones like these, they’ll be replaced with something else.

Can You Increase the Amount Healed Per Dragon Cure Pot?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can increase the potency of your heals too. Similar to the Crystals, you have to find an item called Dragon Vein Essence. These are one-time-use items that upon using them, will increase the amount at which your Dragon Pots heal you. 

You’ll notice that your Dragon’s Cure Pot will now have a plus (+) value below the name. The higher the plus value, the more you will be healed per item consumed. Enemies will do more damage as the levels go higher, so it’s important that you can heal more than what an unupgraded pot can do.

What is the Max Amount of Heals?

If you collected every single Crystal and Essence item, you should have a Dragon’s Cure Pot +15 with 10 in reserve. This should be more than enough to take on even the toughest of foes that Wo Long has to offer, that is until you get to the endgame.


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