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Forsaken was the third expansion for Destiny 2 and the beginning of the large expansions for the game. With it, we got a slew of new exotics for players to collect. After all this time has passed and even with the launch of the latest expansion, many of the exotics from Forsaken are still good to use. Let’s go over the best Exotics from Destiny 2.

Forsaken Exotics That You Will Want to get in Destiny 2

It may be shocking to hear that despite being so old, many of the exotics that were added to the game with Forsaken are still viable in the current meta of Destiny 2. To top it off, since most of Forskaen’s content has been removed from the game, most of the exotics can just be purchased from the exotic kiosk in the tower.

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Ace of Spades

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Despite losing Cayde-6 during Forsaken, we were finally able to acquire his trademark hand cannon. The Ace of Spades has been and, unless changed in some way, will be solid exotic hand cannon to put in any build you are running.

The hand cannon comes with Firefly which is a better version of the Dragonfly perk. Causing huge explosions on headshot kills. It also received an increased reload speed after a headshot kill. Reloading after getting any kill with this hand cannon will also load in six extra damage shots into it.

The Chaperone

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This slug shotgun has terrorized the PvP landscape of Destiny 2 since it was brought into the game. it is one of the few Lightweight Frame Shotguns in the game, but the only one that is also a slug frame as well. Thus making it a great tool for any player that likes to get close in PvP.

Trinity Ghoul

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If you are looking for an ad-clearing machine then look no further than Trinity Ghoul. This arc bow has always had its place as the king of cleaning up low-level trash and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

All you need is one kill to set off this bow’s special trait of arcing to every enemy when an arrow hits. The damage each arc causes is normally enough to kill most trash mobs thus making it reign supreme as the ad-clearing machine.

Izanagi’s Burden

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A nice last-ditch boss damage tool, the Izanagi’s Burden tends to be a staple choice in a lot of high-end PvE content. The ability to load all four shots of the magazine into one bullet for massively increased damage allows it to rival power weapon damage as a gree ammo sniper.

While you won’t be doing all of a boss’s health bar with it, you can clear out some tough ads in a second with just one shot from this sniper.


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While it has never been a bad option to use, the first season of Lightfall is where heavy grenade launchers are going to shine with Anarchy being the brightest star in the sky. This grenade launcher will be a huge boss damage option for raids this season where you can get close enough to use a shotgun as well.

Pairing it with some of the other strongest PvE weapons is what you will see a lot of high-end PvE players doing. If you are looking to take on Grandmasters and raids this season, you will want to pick up Anarchy at some point.

One Thousand Voices

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While One Thousand Voices is still a raid-locked exotic, it doesn’t change how useful it can be. Prior to the linear fusion rifle meta, One Thousand Voices was quite strong thanks to some seasonal mods. However, now that linears are nerfed, One Thousand Voices might be able to shine again.

If you happen to have this exotic, you might be surprised by the amount of damage it can do. Combined with a proper build, you should be able to put out some consistent damage numbers.

The main issue with One Thousand Voices is that it is not as easy to get as the other exotics on this list. This is one of the few Forsaken exotics that still has an activity attached to it. So you will have to complete the Last Wish raid over and over until you get it as a drop from the chests at the end.

The lack of accessibility is what really seems to keep this weapon out of the running for most people. However, if you already own One Thousand Voices or don’t mind running Last Wish to try and get it, you might want to give this weapon a shot.

– This article was updated on March 2nd, 2023


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