Sorry, Wu-Tang Clan: There’s another Ghostface “Killah” on the streets of NYC, as a brand new trailer for Paramount Picture’s highly anticipated slasher film Scream VI has been revealed ahead of the film’s official release on Mar. 10. The new visual, which will air during this Sunday’s Superbowl LVII commercial block, shows a new masked antagonist that returning favorite Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) declares is “unlike any Ghostface ever.” Ghostface is now hellbent on preying on several of the key characters from last year’s reboot, as they have since left their charming hometown of Woodsboro for the Big Apple in an attempt to pick up the pieces and start anew. 

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In the new trailer for the slasher directed by Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, a group of friends, including Scream 5‘s Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera) are seen in the midst of a terrifying home invasion in their quaint NYC apartment, as the nightmarish villain hacks and slashes his way inside without remorse. The adrenaline-fueled scene gives viewers a clearer glimpse of a pivotal moment in the film where the friends attempt to escape their apartment by using a flimsy ladder as a bridge to reach another building to find safety. As you can probably guess, this escape plan does not come without its fair share of tragedy and bloodshed.

Additionally, the trailer reveals key plot details including Tara Carpenter’s (Jenna Ortega) plan to “lure and execute” Ghostface once and for all by working with Scream veterans, including Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), to uncover if the killer at large is linked to any of the previous murderers.

Watch the Superbowl LVII trailer for Scream VI below and snag tickets to the new slasher movie here

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