Northern Soul DJ Ted Massey’s home was burgled last night (February 26) and the thieves took his extensive record collection.

The thieves stole two record boxes, amounting to around 250 records, all while Massey was in the house. The boxes could potentially be worth ten of thousands of pounds, especially since some of the records inside them could be extremely rare.

Posting on social media about the theft, Massey said: “Just had my house invaded whilst in bed demanding specifically my record boxes I took out tonight they have taken a 100 count and 150 count box and scarpered. Police here at moment. Mostly crossover stuff gone big titles…”, before going on to list some of the records that had been stolen.

He then shared a photo of one of the thieves that had been captured on a door camera.

Ady Croasdell, who DJs at the 100 Club in London, shared the news, adding: “These very rare records were stolen from the house of one of the best-loved collectors and DJs on the Northern soul scene. Three men forced their way into his house and demanded two approximately 150 count record boxes from him. They are so rare their sale will arouse suspicion. Please inform Ted, the police or myself if you have any suspicions.”

Ted Massey is a regular fixture on the Northern Soul scene and is hugely respected within it for his taste and knowledge. Because of the rarity of some of the records, their sale would likely raise some suspicion.

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