Not feeling in the Valentine’s Day spirit this year? Are Hallmark cards, rom-coms, red roses, and boxes of chocolates leaving you feeling a little jaded? Well, have no fear, because U.K. pop-punk mainstays Neck Deep have returned for all the brokenhearted with their brand new anti-Valentine’s Day anthem, “Heartbreak Of The Century.” 

Following the release of their high-velocity 2022 single “STFU,” Neck Deep are once again firing on all cylinders with “Heartbreak Of The Century,” which the band surprise released today. The latest track is a return to form for the band, offering playful, infectious hooks and lyrics that toe the line between heartfelt transparency and self-depreciation, set to the backdrop of double-time punk beats and bouncing guitar riffs. Just as vocalist Ben Barlow notes in a press release, the new track is “a classic sounding Neck Deep song, catchy, angsty, pacey, powerful and a little bit pathetic!” 

In addition to the new song, the band has also released a Max Moore-directed music video. In the nostalgia-fueled video, Neck Deep attends what they dub as their very own “shitty Oscars” award show where they are competing with themselves for the appropriately titled Heartbreak Of The Century award. What ensues is an over-the-top montage of scenes that reference several iconic romantic films such as 500 Days Of Summer, The Notebook, Silver Linings Playbook, and Forgetting Sarah Marshal — the latter of which Barlow actually reenacts the infamous breakup scene featuring Jason Segel in full-frontal nudity.

Watch the very funny video for “Heartbreak Of The Century” below.

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