Fast-rising songwriter and producer MARIA Die RUHE has officially released her highly-anticipated debut album ENARCHY. The project arrives via Reduced To The Root Records and boasts 15 beautifully composed tracks as Maria’s journey of self-exploration is distilled into an infectious, danceable medium. As you’ll hear below, organic instrumentation such as cello and piano melodies creatively dance alongside electronic beats and the result is a refreshing, forward-thinking project that’s a pleasure to listen to. Hear what we mean by streaming ENARCHY via Spotify and be sure to read what the artist herself has to say about the inspiration behind this debut album.

On “ENARCHY is the result of a deep and thorough look I took into the world around me and my own inner workings. The title is a combination of Energy and Anarchy. I explore different types of energy, oscillating between head and heart. Referring to Anarchy is the way I produce what I reflect, with no calculation for what could be functional. I became bolder, more explorative, and dissolved genre boundaries.” – MARIA Die Ruhe


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LISTEN: MARIA Die RUHE Delivers Anticipated Debut Album “ENARCHY” via Reduced To The Root Records

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