Joe Goldberg’s London lifestyle in You‘s fourth season would rack up significant debt, it has been estimated.

The recently-released episodes of the hit Netflix show sees Penn Badgley‘s psychopath stalker relocate to the UK capital under the alias of university professor Jonathan Moore.

Fans have noted how his lifestyle living in a Kensington mews apartment on a professor’s salary seems unrealistic, and according to King Casino Bonus, the overall estimated costs would indeed be unaffordable.

A typical local professor’s salary would be on average £45,923, or £2,740 a month, after tax and pension deductions, while the rent at his apartment would likely be £2,240 a month, leaving only £500 each month.

‘You’ season four sees Penn Badgley return as psycho-killer Joe. CREDIT: Netflix

However, some of that would go towards council tax (£161 with a single persons’ discount), plus an average of £264 in utility bills in London, around £44 in broadband and £46 a month for his mobile plan would set him back further.

On top of that would be an average of £296 in groceries, meaning overall he would exceed his monthly salary by £312, and incur £3,744 in debt by the end of the year.

“Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Season 4 of You – not least because it’s in a refreshing new setting,” said King Casino Bonus.

You season 4
Penn Badgley and Stephen Hagan in ‘You’ season four. CREDIT: Netflix

“After the season debuted, fans took to Twitter to express their amusement that Joe is seemingly surviving in one of the most expensive parts of London on a lecturer’s salary – and without a PhD or any meaningful qualifications, no less.

“It’s no surprise then that the reality is that he’d be in significant debt. He’d better start stealing from his victims in part 2 of the show, or ensure he keeps his rich friends, or else he’ll have much more to worry about than being caught for his ex-wife’s murder.”

In a four-star review of season four, part one, NME wrote: “Yes, it’s all very silly, but it’s also surprisingly gripping and consistently witty. ‘I’m in the West End revival of Mean Girls,’ Joe’s internal monologue deadpans at one point. By the end of episode five, you’ll be craving the season’s second half more than you might care to admit.”

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