Andrew McMahon shot to fame as the pop-punk pianist in Something Corporate before venturing out on his own with side projects that turned into his main gig. 

With influences including Tom Petty and Billy Joel, McMahon has found a niche in alternative culture for his timeless songwriting and ability to reinvent his signature sound every few years. Many of McMahons’ fans have grown up with him and maintained their loyalty as he’s switched projects and genres; and he’s equally devoted, playing Instagram Lives regularly during lockdown and connecting with people through his nonprofit, the Dear Jack Foundation. Even when McMahon plays live, he often crowdsurfs on a pool toy, brings his daughter, Cecilia, out onstage and makes the piano look punk rock by jumping on it. 

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While his songs started as odes to punk-rock princesses and reflections on waking up in your car, over time, he’s covered darker themes, including his cancer diagnosis and the difficulties of marriage. From the pop-punk masterpiece Leaving Through the Window to the poppier Everything in Transit, McMahon’s career has spanned over two decades.

Every Andrew McMahon album ranked

With McMahon’s forthcoming album, Tilt at the Wind No More, releasing March 31, we’re ranking all of his albums throughout the years.

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